BXH Big Bang will launch the first project — BACK

The BXH Big Bang platform will launch the first project BACK on April 23th. BACK, 3x leverage borrowing and lending platform token will ignite the BIGBANG burning & minting section! And the Back platform will be launched on the 24th.

Main information

How to participate?

Detailed timeline

According to the proportion of the 400,000 BXH burned by the effective minted BXH submitted by the user, the minted 1 million BACK tokens are equally divided.

When all users submit more than 400,000 BXH, the ratio of effective minting successfully submitted by users is: 400,000 / total BXH submitted (For example, when the total amount of BXH submitted by participating users reaches 800,000, the effective minting of each participating user Half of the number of BXH submitted).

The effective minting BXH is destroyed, and the remaining part can be redeemed 7 days after the minting is completed.

From 14:30 (UTC+8) on April 24th, users can start to go to Bigbang to collect BACK tokens that have been successfully burned and minted.

From 14:00 (UTC+8) on May 1st, users can start to go to the Bigbang platform to redeem the BXH tokens which are fail to participate in valid minting submitted by themselves.

BigBang burst onto the scene in April! Stay tuned!

BXH (Bitcoin Dex on HECO) is an innovative Dex trading platform developed based on Huobi ECO Chain.