BXH CeDeFi One-stop financial service platform has completed the EthereumPoW (ETHW) airdrops.

CeFi: ETHW has been airdropped to the user account. Users can view their ETHW balances in the wallet center and make deposit/withdraw operations.

DeFi: ETHW has been airdropped to the user’s wallet address in ETHW-mainnet. Users can import the address in the wallet that supports the ETHW-mainnet to view the airdrop tokens and operate.

Official Gitbook:



Dear BXH users:

The ETH main net is estimated to merge with the Beacon Chain on 15th Sep 2022 and move from Pow to Pos.

The actual merge time will slightly change due to network conditions, Check the merge countdown: https://wenmerge.com/

To ensure the safety of user's assets, BXH will briefly pause the transfer, withdrawal, staking functions for ETH chain during the merge, And resume the related functions after ETH is successfully upgraded to PoS.

Please understand the inconvenience caused, BXH will continue to provide you with better products and better service!

14th Sep 2022


Official Gitbook: https://bxh.gitbook.io/english/notice/ETHMainnetMerge15th9E





BXH (Bitcoin Dex on HECO) is an innovative Dex trading platform developed based on Huobi ECO Chain.