At the critical time of DEX marketing rising, many insiders believe that the competition in the second half of DEX is about to start.

BXH hopes to enhance its product competitiveness to prepare for the second half. Compared to Uniswap, BXH’s biggest difference is that it is not simply a DEX. Rather, it was born with a positioning of “more than just trading”, trying to build a multi-chain, cross-chain DeFi ecosystem that integrates DEX and aggregation (protocol) revenue, and is rapidly capturing Layer2 DeFi.

At that time…

BXH passed the contract audit before it was launched with two head audit…

Since 2021, the DeFi market has sustained a high growth rate this year, with a total value locked (TVL) hit US $80 billion, featuring its vertical expansion to trading, lending, treasury and insurance. However, due to a lack of user friendliness and accessibility, more complex product logic and complicated operational processes have constrained DeFi products from moving to a broader audience market.

The development of DEX is highly competitive in the DeFi market, with almost all DEX adopting the economic model of liquidity mining. But to smoothly run liquidity mining, there should be a large enough user base, transaction demand…

BXH.COM will adjust the original service fee repurchase strategy from now on.

The adjusted fee repurchase strategy is:

1. 50% of the service fee is for HT repurchase and 50% for BXH repurchase;

2. The repurchased BXH and HT will be added to the BXH / HT liquidity pool, and the LP and liquidity income, including 0.2% liquidity income (including BXH and HT) and the corresponding BXH liquidity mining reward, will be permanently locked and destroyed.

Official website:
Twitter: Blockchain
Wallet address: 0x7479baa5727d13bc864e09d6b8035971cca1df2e

BXH team.

The BXH Big Bang platform will launch the first project BACK on April 23th. BACK, 3x leverage borrowing and lending platform token will ignite the BIGBANG burning & minting section! And the Back platform will be launched on the 24th.

Main information

This event will start at 14:00 (UTC+8) on April 23. 1 million BACK platform tokens will be landing on BIGBANG with a high profile at that time. The hard cap of total minting amount(BXH) is 400000, and the total number of BACK minting is 1 million.

How to participate?

From 14:00 (UTC+8) on April 23rd, users can participate in BACK burning & minting…

Last week, we have invited Roy Li, BXH evangelist, to have a deep-in talk with our community members in BXH Telegram group( He shared about the characteristics, advantages, and development plan, etc. of BXH. Check the following recap to find more information about BXH.

Host: Roy Can you introduce yourself to the community?

Roy: Hello! I am Roy Li, founder of Ruffchain. I am BXH’s consultant since the very beginning.

Host: Glad to have you here!

Roy: Glad to be here too.

Host: So let’s start our AMA!

The first question is:

“At present, the competition of DEX platform is…

Recently, Winter, founder of Biki, and Wesley, founder of IDC capital, visited the online Salon of deep chain school, focusing on “what is BXH that early investors are optimistic about when its liquidity exceeds US $1.2 billion in 10 days?”. The following is the recap of sharing.

Winter: Hello, I’m Winter, the founder of Biki, which is headquartered in Singapore. As an old exchange, our platform currently has nearly 4 million users. Our businesses include spot, contract, ETF, lending and other decentralized businesses.

At present, decentralized business is mainly involved in the form of investment. Biki ventures has invested nearly…

Dear community, We found that a fake BXH official medium account, which is holding an presale event for launching on Ethereum network.

Official account

Please don’t take part in it. It’s a scam event。

And make sure you follow our official Medium account:

BXH team
31th March 2021

1. Report on the first airdrop

-For the first airdrop of BXH, the rule is to randomly select trading and holding users of MDex, Uniswap, Sushisawp, etc on BXH platform. A total of 27600 addresses were airdropped in this airdrop, 50 BXH for each address, with a total of 1.38 million BXH.

Among them, 631750 BXH have been claimed and more than 700000 BXH are still locked in the contract. The users who have not claimed for more than two days are regarded as inactive users, and the front-end will withdraw the collection button, and the platform will randomly select other addresses for secondary delivery.



BXH (Bitcoin Dex on HECO) is an innovative Dex trading platform developed based on Huobi ECO Chain.

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